Saturday, February 13, 2010

Take 2

I had three events last weekend that I photographed and some glitch caused the memory card to want to be formatted.  Knowing what that means, I left recovery up to the professionals.

Thankfully, I had an eventful day with my camera today and have spent my evening doing what I enjoy...going through my photographs.  

What kinds of butt sores do polar bears get?

I suppose Poloroids this old ought to be checked.

Our girls had two of their besties over.  They'll be spending a couple days with us while their parents spend Valentine's Day together and attend Mom's monthly standing tattoo appointment in The City.  (Her tattoos are amazing.  I will cork a bottle of wine and talk her into letting me photograph them one day.) 

Four girls + One boy = 1 left-out boy.  I, in my room plucking my eyebrows, was approached by my 3-year old, his head hanging down, lips puffed out, "The girls don't want play with me.  They said they want girly time.  I want be girly time too," he says.  I gave him a short script of words to say to them and he walks away and knocks on our daughter's bedroom door.  "May I come in?  I want be girly time, too.  I be good girly girl.  I play too?  Please?" 

Can you believe those heartless girls sent him stepping???

He comes back in and asks if I will play girly time with him.  How could I say no? 

I take him into my big closet that has a section just for couture children's clothing (not to be mistaken for the large antique trunk that is full of other dress-up clothing downstairs.)  He chose a brightly-colored outfit that I designed about 7 years ago. 

I would share, but something tells me my husband would not appreciate that very much.

Hmm...maybe if I cork a bottle of wine -- nevermind.  Need.  Responsible.  Adult.  Supervision. 

We took a walk across the street to the river levee.  Mosquitos...EVERYWHERE!  (Remember Pig Pen from Peanuts with the flies all around him?  Yeah!  That's what I'm talkin' about!)  People zooming by on their motorcycles and in their old convertibles.  Have they no respect for a chick with a camera?  Really!

The Brat Pack finds bugs...and LOTS of them. 


Aya Rose must've thought she was going to find a groom at the river or something because she refused to put down this fake bouquet. 

Too cool for props of her own.

Ever-Bear offers up some poisonous berries to his doppleganger.

Ever and "A" stand together at the top of a flight of stairs.  He just adores her so.  A lady five years his senior.


Too cool for school.  Okay.  So what if it's a Saturday.

Don't let this tough exterior fool you.  She will DEFINITELY kick your butt.

Mary Poppinses (that's proper pluralization, correct?) Sans umbrellas, of course.

I don't think Dorothy has tattoos.

Ev likes chicks with tatts.

"A" dances on my truck's tailgate.

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