Saturday, December 12, 2009


Just got my laptop online.  The PC is at the doctor for the next THREE WEEKS!!!  They must have to plant and grow a new one or something. 

Just got back from Boise on Tuesday.  Took Andris to the airport yesterday.  He'll be in San Antonio until next week. 

Here's the new place.  Whatever those marks are on the front lawn have since greened up. 

This place is a blank slate, empty canvas, bare bones, other things that metaphorically mean "NAKED." 

I am trying to bring some charm to the place.  That's a process...a slow one at that, mostly because I don't feel at home here. 

Here is the dining room with the ugly white hutch. 

Here is a picture of the candles that lit themselves while I ran upstairs.

And here is the area after paint. 

All pictures taken with my BlackBerry as I still have NOT found my photography equipment since the move.