Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skate Park

I began my day before sunrise, woken by a woman's frantic screams.  I lie there, not sure if what I am hearing is what I think it is.  Between the river levee and traffic, it is difficult to tell where the screams were coming from.  I called police.  I've heard nothing thus far.

Aya Rose had a presentation to make in front of other third grade homeschoolers.  She did a biography on Joan of Arc.  It was her best presentation to date.  I am glowing proud of her.

I went grocery shopping and got yummies for a picnic.  New neighborhood + sunny days = exploring.  Ever since our bike ride to the ice cream shop the other day, Eden has been on me to take them to a park we rode by because it has a skate park included and she wanted to try her Rip Stick on the quarter pipe.  I don't think I could grow the pair needed to attempt that feat. 

Meanwhile, my little bear was picking flowers for Mama.

Aya Rose thought it would be a good idea to ride her 1970s cruiser on the quarter pipe.

Show offs!

Yep.  :::sigh:::  That's a training wheel.

Two girls


One boy

Somehow =

3 pair.

Ya think it might be time to take off those training wheels.

I think, at this point, they're more for me than they are for him.  Anyway, after riding all the different ramps they had, he found a new game to play.

First we must get traction.  Crocs do not have good traction on the skate ramps.  Must ditch the Crocs.


He knows a good view when he sees one.

Oh, these simple minutes.  They make life so rich, don't they?

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  1. Your kids rock. And I am jealous of your weather.