Friday, October 8, 2010


I've been neglecting my blog.

I know.

I need a spanking or a slap across the face with an uncut sushi roll.

I have gigs upon gigs of photos from our Pacific Northwest roadtrip. 

It's daunting to even think about it. 

So instead I clean and do laundry.

And put on more clothes so I can put them in the laundry.  It's an endless cycle

of laundry.

I have an event to shoot tomorrow that will put me behind on my own photos.

But hopefully it will kick my butt back into gear. 

So to all four of you (three of you are probably me) who are reading this, I sincerely apologize and will be mass posting whenever I am able to recover from the past 5 weeks.  And believe's been a busy five weeks. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010


My tripod
My shutter remote
And my unfinished tattoo


My dear friend of 25 years came all the way from Mass o choose-its and we got to spend a little time together. 
Definitely not enough time to hang out, but enough that I was able to snap a few photos. 
It was the first time I had ever gotten to meet her boys. 
The last time she and I saw each other, my Aya Rose was a newborn sucking on everyone's pinkies because she wouldn't take a pacifier and had yet to find her thumb. 
So nearly nine years. 
Oh, goodness! 
That's almost half the time we have known each other.


I drove an hour to pick them up and then we all went out to lunch. 
Here is Alli going over the menu with Jonah. 
He's six...and is taller than my 8-year old!

Merrik definitely knows how to keep himself occupied! 

He took the ol' scooter for a spin around the court.

Arranged marriages are okay in this day and age, right? 
Her dowery includes Littlest Pet Shop
and empty packages of bubble gum.

The boys so fell in love with the dogs.
Especially Biggie.
He is such a big, lovey oaf.
You gotta love him.

Gorgeous Mama, ain't she?

Here we are, looking at pictures on her camera that Jonah took.

I love you, Alli. 
I am already looking forward to seeing you on your next trip out to California next year! 

Summer pool party

What's the summer without a pool party?  Our kiddos got invited to a friend's house for a day of splashing, games, and junk food. 

Birthday girl.


Birthday girl's little brother.  See the smile under the water?

Heeeee's a' gonna get ya.

They had a pinata where, instead of wacking the the thing and being rewarded for physical abuse,
you pull strings.

Getting ready for the big pull!

My Aya Rose doesn't pull strings as well as she pushes buttons.

Trading pinata loot.

Such a beautiful little boy.

The pinky is very important when sipping.

And then there were water balloons!!!


Cheeto-face, loot-bag holder.

So many handmade cards.  I love that about little kid parties.
I think my handmade cards would probably look
about the same as they did when I was 8.

Her beautiful mama lights the candles. 

But in all seriousness...

Thank you to the C family for inviting us and allowing me to capture and share your beautiful day.

Baby "B" again!

He's growing up so quickly.  He is such a sweet little thing!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rollin'....Rollin'....Rollin' on a river.

Aunties Diane and Gina were not feeling well so I took the kids to the river for the day.  We are about a ten-minute walk to the beach and the kids can't get enough of the place. 

Leilani and Eden creating a masterpiece.

Solan'ge takes this Egghenge thing very seriously, m'kay? 

Everett be nimble
Everett be quick
Everett jumped over no candlestick

(He knows it's dangerous to play with Mommy...
I mean "fire.")

They were thinking clam chowder.

I was thinking, "HAHAHAHAAA!"

                   And a moat to boot, baby!

"Run run as fast as you can!"

"You can't catch me 'cause
I'm going to go hide behind Mama!"

Two fingers is better than the one!

Eden's Bouquet

My girls had some friends over and wanted me to do a shoot.  The big girls went all urban and the littles busted into the Eden's Bouquet section of my closet. 

(I haven't asked the bigger girls' parents for permission to post their photos, so I am sharing the others.)

My sweet Aya Rose. 

Isn't it actually illegal to pout when you look so cute?

Just askin'.

Yes, I asked him, too.

He squinted at me all evil-like.

That's better...

or was this before?

The Tweenies, Leilani and Malia. 
Auntie could take pictures of these cuties all day long.

It's a game of human Boggle.

Solan'ge, Leilani, Aya Rose, and Malia.

Aya Rose and Malia walking back home.

Malia hanging around...


'cause Auntie told her to.


I love the look of panic on Ev's face here.

Call me sadistic (behind my back).

I was so ready for an ice-cold beverage right about here.

Fairytale Town

When the girls were younger, we were card-carrying season pass holders to Fairytale Town.  Poor Everett-the-straggler has missed out, and we decided he's missed out long enough, so we marched our bootays on down to the FTT and renewed our membership, and took some friends with us.

Snow cones are a rite of passage in the summertime, no?

So are plenty of smooches from Deedah (AKA Daddy)

I think something precious is afoot, but I can't put my finger on it.


In the Little Crooked House after walking The Crooked Mile.

She is part chimp (from her father's side, of course.)

She doesn't want to eat green beans, but she has no problem climbing them.

She doesn't eat pumpkins, either.  Just cuts 'em up and climbs 'em.