Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who did you judge today?

And don't lie.  I'll know.

"Simple" adjective - single, having one ingredient, plain.

Our simple minutes are what define us.

They are what others judge us by.

Most of our encounters with people are brief -- simple -- and it is the only chance we get to show our true colors.

Then there are the others. The others we choose to share our simple minutes with and the others we must share our simple minutes with. What we often forget is that the standards by which we are judged are constant and anything but simple.

We take our families to work just as we bring work home to our families -- no matter how much we try not to.

Everything we do and have done are a part of who we are.

Difficulties do not produce character. They reveal them. (*1) We are both trusted and forgiven based on who reveal ourselves to be, especially when times are tough.

Who do you become when times are tough?

How we do anything is how we do everything (*2) 

Years are but simple minutes...



then gone.

How will you make your next minutes richer? 

*1 Francis Anfuso
*2 D. Willard

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