Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh, full days

Are so much better in so many ways than empty days, right?  Then why am I so goshdurn tahhhhrd?  Started out with sanding Eden's trunk.  Young Girls + Power Tools = Recipe for Disaster, and that's what we got.  Aya Rose went Speed Racer with the belt sander on a routered corner.  Basically took care of that.  While Andris and the girls were doing that, Everett and I were potting plants.  Still trying to figure out a way to fix that boo-boo, it was time to meet with the girls' ed advisor and turn in work samples and dig a heel into the homeschooling grind amidst all this moving tomfoolery. 

That was an adventure.  Not much with our family isn't an adventure, and we were informed that our adventure has been missed greatly.  (And will continue to be missed until after Christmas break because we're going on the road again for a couple weeks.) 

We went and looked for a new couch for the family room.  I want something very big and very cozy that we can all plop onto and bounce into.  That didn't work out.  So we went to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant for pho.  Scrumdiddilyumptios.  Got a call from a couch seller.  Will be meeting with her tomorrow.  It's red.  I hope it's everything it appears to be. 

After dinner, I dragged my girls into one of my favorite thrift stores trying to find some old trunks/suitcases to stack as a side table by the big cozy couch that I don't have.  Well, fine, 'cause I didn't find anything that'd work.  But I *did* find a goody for a fellow blogger, Jen, lead dreamer at Eden's Bouquet.  I look forward to sending it along.  It's just a little something that made me think of her.

Other than that, I will be hunting down the things that will be mine...oh yes, they will be mine...or I'll make it myself!  HA!


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! Wonder what Jen gets..hmm;)

  2. can't wait to see the new couch! :)