Sunday, November 22, 2009

The night after...

I was able to talk my dear friend of 22 years (that makes me feel old) into coming over and keeping me company and helping me paint. She loves to paint, and I knew if I had some wine to give her, we would have some fun conversation.

Well, we were discussing how those candles might have lit themselves (they are flameless tealights that are inside votive holders that I put inside the teacups.) there was a quiet moment, then we hear a "thud" upstairs. We look at each other, look at the darkness upstairs, then back at each other. We said a prayer and asked that the Lord bless this house, and told whatever *might* be hanging around here that this is God's house and evil is not welcome.

So we turn on the light to the stairway and walk room to room. Nothing...until we get to Aya Rose's room. One of the signs came down again. This time I put some sticky tape on the back of it and propped it behind two rather large screws on the uninstalled (leaning up against the wall) bed railings for her bunk bed. It had to unstick and come up over the screws to fall on the floor. Again, no windows were open, but it was quite cold upstairs. I put the sign on the floor. I figured it might be difficult for it to fall from there.

I talked Celexsy into staying. I went upstairs and preheated both sides of the heated mattress pad. I only ever have two things on my nightstand. A glass of water and my mattress pad control. About half an hour later, I took Everett up to nurse him to sleep. Not only was my bed not warm, but the control was on the floor, practically under my bed. No one went up there (esp. Not Everett as it was dark and we were painting the wall on the first landing of the stairs.)

So I put him to sleep. A couple hours later we go up to go to bed and the ceiling fan is on in my bedroom. I only use ceiling fans when it is hot.

I couldn't sleep. She has to have complete darkness and quiet to sleep. I was watching TV hoping Law and Order SVU could lull me to sleep. She tossed and turned a little. I told her she could go n any of the other four bedrooms or go downstairs. "No, this is okay. Actually, I am too scared to go somewhere else."

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