Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boys, tools, and a project.

If there's one thing that my husband likes, is to have the things he often uses readily accessible, cookware being second to top on that list ;-D.  He has a massive set of top-of-the-line stainless steel waterless cookware (Kitchen Craft by Americraft) and he wants them all OUT.  I don't live in a factory, so having an assembly line and conveyor belt readily available is just not practical. 

Right now, we have a small galley kitchen.  I'd say it's only about 12'x4.5' and that includes sink, fridge, dishwasher, pantry and stove.  Not much cabinetry, much less counter space.  It's pushing it for me to leave the VitaMix out because every square inch of counter space is precious. 

So where do you think we keep our 29 pieces of cookware and their accompanying lids (That doesn't count the giant turkey pan with dome cover!)  In the cabinet, you ask?  Why, that's a good guess.  :::tosses out a Ginsu knife to the first who guessed:::  In fact, I went away for the day and came back to three wooden dowels with hooks hanging on the ceiling of my kitchen.  Those who aren't vertically challenged could easily get a concussion if they're not careful.  I'll admit, it's definitely practical to be able to see the tool I need and be able to simply reach up, grab it, and use it.  It's far better than digging in cabinets banging things around.

I do NOT want to bring that thing into the new house.  The words "sore thumb" come to mind.  He said he is more than willing to meet me in the middle so long as he is able to hang up ALL his cookware.  :::gulp:::  I Googled "DIY pot rack" and saw some really neat ideas, my favorite of which was hanging an old paneled door (preferably gridded with glass to let in recessed light) from the ceiling and installing hooks on that, but he didn't think it would go with the house.  I explained to him that that is exactly my point.  I don't want to live in a contemporary house. 

I'm raging against the cookie cutter.

I looked on Craigslist for all things wrought iron.  I even went out and bought this beautiful tri-fold wrought iron decorative fireplace barrier.  I loved it.  It was all scrolly and ornate, but not too much.  I thought we could twist the scrolls downward and use them as hooks.  He, it wasn't big enough.  I then went on to tell him that there's really no need to put up EVERY piece of cookware (stuff that's actually out of their boxes, believe it or not, he still has stuff he hasn't opened), we need only put up the items we use on a regular basis.  He looked at me like I'd blasphemed the Lord or worse, Elvis Presley.  (Okay.  It's Elvis THEN the Lord, it just seemed more dramatic the other way.) 

I found this antique wrought iron security window grate.  It's all chippy and beautiful with "stabbers" on either side.  I was quite surprised that he liked it.  He went and picked it up yesterday.  He'd like to get it sandblasted and powdercoated so it looks new and glorious.  I think it looks great the way it is.  It has character, darn it! 

But he could only find stainless steel hooks.  It doesn't look as cute as it would if we could've found some cool wrought iron hooks to melt in.  But I think he actually kinda likes it the way it is (wishing, of course, the hooks were a color other than steel.) 

Later in the afternoon, we all went for a bike ride and played at the park. 

Today I took the trifold fireplace thing back and looked for linens and came home empty handed.  Win some; lose some.  I was, however, this close  to getting the Moonlight Silhouette bedding collection at Macy's.  Oh, it's so soft.  Oh, it's so pretty.  But oh, I wouldn't be able to put the shade of blue on my wall that I've been dreaming about.  Maybe I can wait until spring to do that and go a festive red?

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