Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where is the chivalry?

Someone I know questioned modern-day chivalry.  Here is my reply:

Chivalry, by this old-fashioned girl's definition, is a man who will open doors; a man who will do what is necessary to provide for his family; a man who knows there's a time to listen to her, cradle her face in his hands and kiss her cheek, and the time to set her straight, and a chivalrous man knows the difference; he is a man who loves her with her faults, not in spite of them; a man who spends his pennies with what he has today, not for what he may have tomorrow; a man who already knows all this, and does these things BEFORE making a committment to her because despite these superficial times, a chivalrous man is what a real woman wants, even if she doesn't know it.


I didn't deserve a chivalrous man until I was able to accept the above.

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