Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Very Mendocino County Weekend

I went back home for the first time in nine months.  It was quite refreshing.  My mom and I spent Saturday together at Vichy Springs (www.vichysprings.com) in Ukiah, CA and relaxed in the vichy baths and got pampered.  It was a much-needed break, and time alone with Mom is always a much-welcomed treat. 

I felt so rejuvinated and young.  I swear, you should have seen me.  I didn't look a day over 5 -- okay...6 tops

The kids had quite a fun time as well.  Each time we arrive at my mom's house, Tutu (my mom) puts little goodies in the guest room for the kids.  She even got the hot tub all warm for their arrival.

Everett got a cap gun, then Grandpa was taking some of Tutu's little flowers and putting them in the gun barrel so when it shot, the flowers shot out, too.  It was so cute.

"Stork chocolate Reissen, please Mrs. Lang."

Okay.  I know.  I just pulled that out of nowhere.  Does anybody out there even remember that commercial?

What goes on behind her head...
...stays behind her head.

Oh, innocent one.

Oh, Maggie the Moose.  I love that pup.  I think she was born within a day or two of Everett and the first time they met, she squatted and peed on him.  They were both like 2 months old.  She's much "dryer" now.


much like my words...

go in one ear...

...and out the other.

My beautiful mom.

Fresh caramel apples served at the hot tub.

Grandpa had a quad in the back of his truck.  Everett loves motorcycles.

Grandpa taught Everett how to turn it on.

...and how to drive.  Heavens ta' Betsy.

Okay.  Let me get this straight, here.

We have guns.

We have motorcycles.

We have fire.

Well, I forgot to get pictures of him in the plastic princess heels from the toy bin.  But that's okay.  He probably wouldn't appreciate my sharing that with people.

Sky lanterns are so beautiful.

The kids played with paper dolls.

We walked up to Harmony Hill with Papa to visit the sheep farm.

Here's Torso -- I mean -- Aya Rose.  It soooo wasn't cold out.

Sometimes she is such a dramatazoa.

Yeah, if ya didn't know, those little things can kick.

Whatever you're thinking about this picture, so am I.

"Well, hello, Mrs. 0562.  Do you come here often?"

Mr. G shows the kids how his sytem works.

Look at all that yummy corn.

Although three little hands offer up corn, they all go for hay. 

They're such sheep!

Everett thanking Mr. G.

After all that, we went across the street from my dad's and visited with his grandma -- my great-grandma -- my kids' great-great grandma.

How do you feel about redundancy?


I think my kids are very blessed to have a great-great. 


...the story she tells.  ;-)

How many generations are alive in your family?

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