Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer pool party

What's the summer without a pool party?  Our kiddos got invited to a friend's house for a day of splashing, games, and junk food. 

Birthday girl.


Birthday girl's little brother.  See the smile under the water?

Heeeee's a' gonna get ya.

They had a pinata where, instead of wacking the the thing and being rewarded for physical abuse,
you pull strings.

Getting ready for the big pull!

My Aya Rose doesn't pull strings as well as she pushes buttons.

Trading pinata loot.

Such a beautiful little boy.

The pinky is very important when sipping.

And then there were water balloons!!!


Cheeto-face, loot-bag holder.

So many handmade cards.  I love that about little kid parties.
I think my handmade cards would probably look
about the same as they did when I was 8.

Her beautiful mama lights the candles. 

But in all seriousness...

Thank you to the C family for inviting us and allowing me to capture and share your beautiful day.

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