Thursday, August 12, 2010


My dear friend of 25 years came all the way from Mass o choose-its and we got to spend a little time together. 
Definitely not enough time to hang out, but enough that I was able to snap a few photos. 
It was the first time I had ever gotten to meet her boys. 
The last time she and I saw each other, my Aya Rose was a newborn sucking on everyone's pinkies because she wouldn't take a pacifier and had yet to find her thumb. 
So nearly nine years. 
Oh, goodness! 
That's almost half the time we have known each other.


I drove an hour to pick them up and then we all went out to lunch. 
Here is Alli going over the menu with Jonah. 
He's six...and is taller than my 8-year old!

Merrik definitely knows how to keep himself occupied! 

He took the ol' scooter for a spin around the court.

Arranged marriages are okay in this day and age, right? 
Her dowery includes Littlest Pet Shop
and empty packages of bubble gum.

The boys so fell in love with the dogs.
Especially Biggie.
He is such a big, lovey oaf.
You gotta love him.

Gorgeous Mama, ain't she?

Here we are, looking at pictures on her camera that Jonah took.

I love you, Alli. 
I am already looking forward to seeing you on your next trip out to California next year! 

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