Monday, October 26, 2009

Home again home again

...jiggity jig.

Just got home from another week in Boise.  It was just the boys and I.  My mom came down and stayed at home with the girls.  I was both loathe to pay for two extra plane tickets, and to pack all the kids and the dog into the truck for another road trip, especially after the drama the other one yielded. 

Would you believe I was able to pack the three of us into a single carry-on suitcase?  That means I didn't bring my camera equipment.  I did go through a few withdrawls, and I don't plan on leaving home anytime soon without  my goods handy. 

Now onto our latest adventure:  Finding a different house!

I think I am finally ready to leave our time in this house behind.  It has been nothing but a struggle since before the get-go, and we are ready for a new beginning...and that means decorating.  Oh, I am giddy with it!

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  1. a woman who can pack three people's needs into one suitcase is one level-headed, organized woman! i'm in awe. sweet photos of babes.