Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Begin Again

I will be going from today backwards posting photos for my portfolio. We just got home from six weeks on the road. Oh, to be back home again, for however long that is going to last. Here are pictures from our recent adventures in the Pacific Northwest and Idaho.

I currently have over 400 photographs trapped on my memory card. I keep getting the message that "Folder Contains No Images." But I know, and my camera knows...that just isn't true.

So I will just briefly editorialize that the 400 photographs come from a clear blue day in Astoria, Oregon, and include the Astoria Column and eating at the Bow Picker fish and chips. Oh, sweet Heavenly heartburn...YES!

View from our balcony.

The house from The Goonies

End of our trolley ride. 

My sweet Aya Rose

Everett is up to no good! 

Tell 'em "Large Barge sent ya." 

Listening to the engineer who looks like an engineer.

Astoria Bridge from the trolley.

That's Eden playing Duck-Duck-Goose at the lake in Port Orchard, WA.

Little Miss Tegan snacking on chips.

Everett wants to go on this ride at the Puyallup Fair.

"Sorry, kid.  Not this time." - carnie

Everett's first rollercoaster ride.  Puyallup, WA.

Aya Rose at Marc and Sue's house.  Boise, ID.

Eden getting lovin from Jaken's -- errr -- reptile.

Marc gives Tucker belly wobbles.

The roof...the roof...the roof is on fire!

Marc pulling up a video of Jaken to share with us.

Good friends.  Good food.  Good conversation.  Good God.

Now THAT'S the ticket!

Andris pondering the possibilities (and perhaps, a shave.)

Tucker in his playhouse.

He does his own stunts.

So does Everett.

Everett's wonky toe.

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