Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eden's Bouquet

My girls had some friends over and wanted me to do a shoot.  The big girls went all urban and the littles busted into the Eden's Bouquet section of my closet. 

(I haven't asked the bigger girls' parents for permission to post their photos, so I am sharing the others.)

My sweet Aya Rose. 

Isn't it actually illegal to pout when you look so cute?

Just askin'.

Yes, I asked him, too.

He squinted at me all evil-like.

That's better...

or was this before?

The Tweenies, Leilani and Malia. 
Auntie could take pictures of these cuties all day long.

It's a game of human Boggle.

Solan'ge, Leilani, Aya Rose, and Malia.

Aya Rose and Malia walking back home.

Malia hanging around...


'cause Auntie told her to.


I love the look of panic on Ev's face here.

Call me sadistic (behind my back).

I was so ready for an ice-cold beverage right about here.


  1. SO beautiful! Would love to share that last one on my blog, LOVE that!